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Hyuna x Dawn Will Take Part In Osaka, Japan’s “Asian Front Art Show.”

In Osaka, Japan, the “Asian Front Art Show” will feature performances by HyunA and Dawn.

The chief creative director for the upcoming “Asian Front Art Show,” Daniel Merlot, recently unveiled a creative teaser film that alluded to HyunA and Dawn’s participation in the occasion. The dramatic music that opened the teaser video gradually built in intensity while beautiful and cinematic images flashed across the screen. A picture of HyunA and Dawn was placed among the many pieces of art on exhibit, generating interest in their participation in the art event.

As their names were among the credited artists at the very end, HyunA and Dawn’s involvement in the art event was verified. Along with listing HyunA and Dawn as musicians under the ‘Music’ section of their official website, AFAS also provided a detailed overview of their careers and international impact.

To highlight both “the traditional and the future forward features of Japan,” the “Asian Front Art Show” is a series of artistic events put on in partnership with several artists, creators, and thinkers from all over the world.

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