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“I Couldn’t Believe It” BTS V and Jennie Dating Rumor, Knetz Still Doubt

Knetizens are still finding difficult to believe if V and Jennie are actually dating after seeing the picture below…


V-Jennie, to be honest, I still don’t believe this until now

When I see this, I still don’t believe it

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I couldn’t believe it lol

2. I’m not interested in them, all I can see is the cat’s aegyo and babbling keke It’s so cute~~

3. I was relieved to see Jennie being shy about kissing her forehead.

4. But there may be overlapping, there is no proof that it is real, there is no proof that it is synthetic.

5. I can’t even imagine when I see photos like that…

6. It’s married life

7. I heard that he even went to Jennie’s house with her mother, isn’t he just a son-in-law?ㅋㅋㅋ

8. When we’re dating, we go to each other’s houses, isn’t that natural? Rather, it was the leak that was the problem. Everyone is so crazy about their photos that they don’t seem to understand what the real problem is

9. What’s even more surprising is that you didn’t believe it until now

10. You are amazing, who didn’t believe it until now? So do you think all the photos you’ve seen so far are composite photos?


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