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“I Don’t Like It” Knetz Discuss About (G)I-DLE X-Fille Video,

Knetizens Reactions :

1. I feel a bit like saying I don’t like it

2. Wow.. I love this concept

3. Wow Miyeon’s vocals are insane..

4. Wow what’s up with Shuhua…. She’s insane…
5. When is the song coming out? It looks fucking good
6. This gave me goosebumps seriously it’s crazy
7. Yuqi wrote this?? Seriously Idle are freaking geniuses
8. Is this a pre-release like My Bag? I can’t find anything to say aside that this is crazy
9. Shuhua’s image transformation was the biggest one
10. Miyeon and Yuqi’s voice colors are insane and I don’t need to say anything about Soyeon’s rap