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‘I feel Sorry For Kim Garam’ Knetz Sympathise As Hybe Says She Would Not Be Mentioned Again

While Garam Kim, a former member of the group Le Seraphim, left her first heartfelt message after leaving the group, Hive, her former agency, made a statement.
On the 11th, a Hive official told Xports News, “As we have terminated the exclusive contract with Kim Garam, we have nothing to say because additional comments are not appropriate.”
On this day, through an online community, a person claiming to be Kim Ga-ram’s friend posted on his personal Instagram a comment about Kim Ga-ram’s school violence, which is gathering topics. The article said, “I worked hard for my dream, so it was true that I was afraid that my past actions might break my dream. But as each day passed, I was more afraid of many criticisms against me.” I’ve never been forced to transfer school. I’ve never smoked or drank alcohol, I’ve never bullied or bullied anyone.”
In addition, a document that summarizes the situation at the time of school violence is attached, drawing more attention from netizens.
Meanwhile, on the 20th of last month, Hive Source Music announced the termination of the exclusive contract with Kim Garam and the departure of Le Seraphim through an official statement on the 20th of last month.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s true that I didn’t mention it, but it’s the agency’s response that made the situation worse…

2. If this is the case, you should either learn it well from the beginning and don’t let it debut, and the Hive side in the Kim Garam incident said that they would take legal action.

3. I feel sorry for Kim Garam

4. Why would you sign a contract with a child with a problem in the first place and debut? Can’t you find out in advance?

5. If Hybe hadn’t done any more work, there would have been just one controversy, but hold on hahahaha

6. It’s true that these guys acted like shit, but this is also true. What are you talking about here?

7. As a minor, what does it mean that the agency writes an apology letter and sends out volunteer activities to manage the image and then send it out hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

8. I remember that Hybe made the victim the perpetrator and said absolutely no, but the exclusive contract was terminated, so it’s over..?

9. It’s true that they’re wrong, but I think it’s wise not to talk about it right now…

10. That’s right, you have to protect the kids who remain in the company.


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