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“I Have To Buy This”, BLACKPINK Jisoo On The Cover Of French Vogue, Knetz React

Jisoo is the first Asian solo cover model for Vogue France. Jisoo is more than just a global pop icon; she is the icon of the next generation of pop culture.
The March cover of Vogue France was unveiled on February 22. The BLACKPINK member’s wearing a black outfit and having long, jet-black hair pleased fans.

Jisoo was “The first K-Pop singer to grace Vogue France’s cover,” according to Vogue France. Jisoo was lauded profusely by the magazine, which referred to her as a cultural icon.
The publication went on to praise the artist and explain why Jisoo was selected as the face of its cover.
As previously reported, Jisoo was named the world’s top fashion influencer on February 20 by the French influencer marketing platform Lefty, who valued the superstar’s impact at $21.9 million.

Jisoo received plaudits from internet users for breaking down barriers, while some said that it was past time for an Asian model to appear in Vogue France.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. French magazine? Seriously crazy

2. She looks like a queen

3. Jisoo is fucking pretty

4. Fucking pretty, Jisoo’s red lips make me fall in love

5. Well, seriously amazing.. Seriously, even top models can’t do it; Besides, I’m proud that Jisoo is the only Asian

6. BLACKPINK is doing so well

7. It’s great that she’s the first Asian on the cover of French Vogue

8. I have to buy this, I really have to buy it as a souvenir!

9. It’s great to see French Vogue with Korean words right on it

10. Jisoo is seriously so pretty


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