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“I Like Polaroid Love” Easy To Listen Male Idols Songs Released In 2022, Knetizens React

Knetizens are talking about the male idols songs that are easy to listen to which are released

ENHYPEN – Polaroid Love


Seventeen – Darl+ing

DKZ – Cupid

NCT Dream – Beatbox

TXT – Valley of Lies

BTS – Yet To Come

ONF – Your Song

WINNER – I love U

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’ve been listening to TXT’s songs lately, and I like all of their songs, so I’m so interested in them

2. I listen to all female idol songs, but only fans listen to male idol songs, muggles don’t listen to male idol songs

3. I like ‘Polaroid Love’ and ‘Beatbox’

4. WINNER’s songs are always good

5. Well, male idols have a lot of good songs too

6. I really like ‘Polaroid Love, I listen to it every day

7. I love TREASURE ‘DARARI’ so much

8. I like ‘Polaroid Love’, I still listen to it these days

9. This is my first time listening to an ENHYPEN song, but I really like this song

10. I really like ‘Polaroid Love’.. I know the group through that song


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