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“I Love This Album” Knetz React To NMIXX Songs 1st EP ‘expérgo’ Highlight Medley ORIGINAL Ver

As their debut EP, “expérgo,” approaches release, NMIXX has published a highlight medley showcasing the new songs.
The girls shared a preview of their upcoming EP and highlighted each song. Six songs total, including “Young, Dumb, Stupid,” “Love Me Like This,” “PAXXWORD,” “Just Done It,” “My Goodness,” and “HOME,” will be on the next EP.
The next NMIXX first EP record is scheduled to release on March 20 at KST. For the next four days, stay tuned!

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I love NMIXX.. I’m looking forward to it
2. I think all the songs will be good, the vocals are really good

3. All the songs are good.. I really like NMIXX’s vocals

4. Their vocal skills are good, so my ears feel comfortable when listening to their songs

5. I’m really looking forward to it, and all the b-side songs are good

6. No, but where did they find those pretty girls? Their faces are crazy

7. I love this album. Sullyoon’s voice is really good

8. B-side songs sound like Red Velvet’s

9. Wow, all the songs are good, right??? Looks like they’ve focused on music

10. All the songs are stuck in my ears.. Jiwoo’s rap is good and Lily’s voice is perfect


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