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“I Really Envy The Skin” Knetz React To TWICE Dahyun Appearance

Knetizens talks about Twice Dahyun beautiful white skin

Knetizens Reactions:

1. A kid with nothing but skin to do business.

2. Look at the skin

3. Looking at the comments, I can see that Dahyun is doing well.

4. Dahyun has a really beautiful smile. Dahyun’s bright and kind heart that comes from that smile makes many people happy

5. She looks kind of tough, but her skills aren’t that good, and every time I see her as a minus, I feel uncomfortable…

6. I really envy the skin

7. I feel it every time I see white celebrities like Dahyun Chaeryeong, but there are certainly advantages to being white.

8. It seems that the broadcast camera is definitely exaggerating the blank space of the face.


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