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“I Really Hate That Kpop Has Only English, Its Not K-pop” Knetizens Debate

Some Knetizens are saying they have issues without K-pop song’s that are sang only in English, because it won’t be Kpop without Korean language.


Why do I hate it?
I don’t think it’s Kpop
It’s kind of a saboteur’s feeling…
It’s right that I’m doing something wrong, but I have to do something in English to get better, so I’m doing it in English.
Do you like ours? Am I a kkondae? But rather than dislike English lyrics, I hate All English.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It feels like something is going to instill that kind of perception

2. It’s more aggressively targeting overseas markets than feeling good and cool.

3. But it’s better to do it in English and it’s cool

4. I put in English because people from more countries can hear and understand it

5. English songs are better

6. I don’t like it either Oh I really hate it

7. In the middle, I hate it, but I hate that more than half of it is in English

8. I feel like my identity is disappearing. It’s K-pop, but it’s something that doesn’t have any Korean lyrics

9. Moderate is fine, but too much is a bit too much

10. It’s not like they’re doing business with songs that haven’t been written in English for nothing on stone tablets


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