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“I Really Hate To See This Haircut On Female Idols” – Knetizens Discuss

Knetizens Discuss how they hate to see below haircut on female idols, it always look weird on many of them while it suits little…


Do you guys think this hair is really pretty?
After Jennie did it once, all the female idols followed suit
and came out with this hair. Is my eyes really weird? When
I see kids with this hair, I lose my affection…
Of course, it’s self-satisfying to show your personality, but it’s
just not pretty…. Honestly, this hair is pretty Think…???

Cosmic Girls Exy
Classy Boeun
Billy Sean

Seriously I don’t know which point is pretty

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It doesn’t seem to suit Jennie the most

2. Jenny, seriously, she’s the worst.

3. Even though I’m a fan, the only thing I can see is Jennie? it suits you really well

4. There are many female idol fans who are passionate about Jennie leading the fashion.

5. They’re all pretty, but Boeun is really weird

6. Jennie should always be recognized as a trendsetter, but when she says that Jennie is the worst, it’s so bubbly

7. Exy, suits you well.

8. That was the first thing that went viral in America, but it seems like it was popular among Korean female idols after Jennie referenced it

9. I hate to see it like an antenna

10. There aren’t any fans out there, but Exy looks good on me.


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