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“I Support You” Chungha Leaving MNH Entertainment, Knetz React

After her contract with MNH Entertainment expires in March, Chungha is said to be departing the company.

After her contract with MNH Entertainment expires in March 2023, Chungha will be leaving, according to an exclusive story from Sports World. The two made their decision to separate ways after several lengthy discussions, and they are now supporting one another in their subsequent chapters. Chungha seeks a new challenge in her profession, according to an insider in the entertainment industry.
Chungha’s relationship with MNH Entertainment was once hailed as a shining example of how a small company could help an artist grow into a star. Chungha entered Produce 101 as a trainee who was comparatively unknown and went on to become one of Korea’s most well-known soloists with songs like “Why Don’t You Know,” “Rollercoaster,” and other hits. She recently exposed her failing relationship with her firm, though, by criticizing it live on air.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I wish Chungha would go to a good company

2. Wow, I’m just curious about Chungha’s current situation

3. But I don’t think it’s just the company’s fault… Anyway, I hope she continues to do well with a good company!

4. I thought it was a good company, but I guess it’s not

5. Chungha is talented and has a lot of hit songs, but the company is bad

6. I support you. Let’s go to a good company and release a lot of good songs

7. I want to listen to Chungha’s song soon

8. I’m so glad she left this company and I hope she does better!

9. I hope she meets a good agency and releases a lot of albums

10. Let’s go to a better company


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