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“I Think She Is Pretty” Knetizens Are Confused If BLACKPINK Jennie Is Really Pretty

Is BLACKPINK Jennie really pretty? Knetizens is reacting…..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I was shocked to see this

2. It’s a face with different tastes, but it’s not a pretty face at all… A pretty face that harmonizes well with anyone.

3. She’s not a typical beauty, she’s uniquely pretty.. So, is it true that this face is really pretty sometimes? I get this question often.. But looking at the other photos, I think it’s pretty.

4. Jennie is the prettiest, but what kind of bullshit? She has a pretty face that makes you feel good just looking at her.

5. These days, attractiveness is more important because you a star.

6. Jisoo is the only one who is pretty in BLACKPINK

7. Honestly, Jisoo is so pretty. For Jennie, it’s because fans keep pushing her

8. Honestly, for female idols.. Her face is too normal


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