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“I Want To Buy The Last Slippers” Knetizens Like Tommy’s New Muse TWICE Nayeon’s Photoshoot

Knetz are reacting to new muse Twice Nayeon’s photoshoot wearing Tommy brand all through

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The sky blue is well received, I love it

2. That pink padding is pretty

3. How do you get a bright color?

4. I love Nayeon so much

5. I know she is pretty, but I thought she is just fresh and pretty, but she is sexy too ㅠㅠ That kind of makeup and clothes go well together

6. I think your body is really pretty. It’s not too dry.

7. I want to buy the last slippers

8. The blue knit and the headband suits you well.

9. You are tall..8 head

10. Aren’t you a real legend?


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