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Idol Debut Songs That Took First Place On Music Charts

Knetizens react to the songs debuted by Idol that took first place on music charts… It was really nice…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow YG Wow New Jeans

2. Less than I thought..! YG’s stake is huge

3. Miss A 2010, Blackpink, 2016 New Jeans, 2022,
female idol debut song in 6 years , it’s amazing hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

4. It’s been a while since Wanna One entered No.1, but it was disbanded and removed

5. There are two groups of YG girl groups.

6. New Jeans is really great… .

7. All male idols are from Seoba

8. ITZY Is it 2nd in the real-time top ranking or 3rd in the daily?

9. Wow, there are so many idols, but there are only 8 teams…

10. All of my school days when I was a Wing Conping ㄹㅇ Y.G.,,


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