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ILY:1 Rona Profile, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend, Background, Net Worth 2023

About Rona

Taiwanese singer Rona performs for FC ENM. She was a trainee with TPE48, which is now known as AKB48 Team TP, and is a member of the girl group ILY:1.


BIRTH NAME: Zhāng Jìng

BIRTH DATE: June 5, 2002


HEIGHT: 5’5″


Early Life And Career

She is most known for taking part in the reality competition Girls Planet 999.
She was introduced on February 4 as a trainee member of TPE48 (now AKB48 Team TP). In March, she disbanded the crew.

999 Girls Planet in 2021
She and the other trainees who would be competing were revealed as upcoming contestants on Mnet’s newest reality program, Girls Planet 999, through the prologue teaser on July 7. On July 18, her official profile became available. It was revealed in the fifth episode, which aired on September 3, that Ching and her fellow inmates were regrettably killed off.

She began working for FC ENM on October 16, according to their announcement.

Debut with ILY:1 in 2022.
Chang Ching will make her debut with FC ENM’s new six-member girl group, ILY:1, on December 24, 2021, together with trainees Hayase Hana, Kishida Ririka, and Lee Yunji.She was formally revealed as the group’s fifth member on January 12, 2022, under the stage name Rona. They made their debut on April 4, 2022, with the album “Love in Bloom,” a single.

Rona Quick Facts

She took part in Girls Planet 999 and finished C23. She was brought up in Taiwan but was born in China. Interested in dancing, singing, and eating. She is really adaptable. Her MBTI type is ESFP, and she was formerly a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment. She believes that cats are her most resemblances. She is compared to Kyulkyung from I.O.I. by admirers. She doesn’t weep a lot. Her greatest quality is her energy. Although she eats a lot, she doesn’t gain weight. She receives a lot of praise for her aesthetics. She describes herself as self-assured. Oranges are her preferred fruit. As a trainee in 2018, she joined the group TPE48 but quit a month later. She had the potential to join EVERGLOW. She is convinced that seeing her grin will cause you to smile yourself. She is recognized for her live vocals and is trilingual in Chinese, Korean, and rudimentary English.

Rona Boyfriend/ Relationship

It’s unclear who Rona’s boyfriend is and what her dating history is.

Rona Net worth

As a pop singer, which is the genre in which she first rose to popularity, Rona earns the most of her income. As soon as updated figures are available, her 2023 net worth will be shown.

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