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“I’m Really Jealous Of Her” Dahyun, The Female idol With Prettiest Pelvis, Knetz Choose

By Knetizens standards, they think Dahyun has the prettiest Pelvis….

It’s Dahyun

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, I also think of Dahyun!

2. Many people say that Dahyun’s body is overshadowed by her cute image… She’s so pretty

3. I think of Dahyun or Momo

4. I also think of Dahyun.. Really amazing

5. Well, I’m really jealous of her

6. I thought of Yoona, but Dahyun’s body is daebak

7. Dahyun’s body is the best, it’s my wannabe

8. I was really surprised, her body looks like this

9. How tall is Dahyun? I thought she was 150, but she’s over 160

10. 161..? Wow I envy her


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