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“I’m So Jealous” Knetz Are Shocked With ITZY Ryujin’s Sexy Body

Ryujin’s body is amazing

They all have nice bodies but what’s up with Ryujin in the middle..? Her body is fucking pretty

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The second member from the right looks better than Ryujin? Is she Yuna?

2. Seriously, TWICE and ITZY are both pretty tall, so they both have nice bodies… They all have pretty waists and pretty legs. I think they all have good proportions

3. Haechan should pay more taxes~

4. JYP female idols especially have good bodies

5. Isn’t Lia also famous for having a good body?

6. I don’t know about Ryujin, but Yuna and Chaeryeong have the best bodies

7. I really like a body like Ryujin, I’m so jealous

8. Wow what’s up with the three members in the middle?

9. ITZY members all have good bodies

10. A woman should be like this


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