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“I’m So Proud Of Them” NEWJEANS Surpasses BLACKPINK On US Spotify, Knetz React

The girl group NewJeans recently overtook established worldwide acts like BLACKPINK, becoming the most-listened-to girlband on the Spotify platform and currently ranking second only to BTS in terms of K-Pop playback.

Although the girl group only recently made its debut, songs like “OMG” and “Cookie,” which frequently appear in the most popular TikTok videos, show that it has already established itself as a fan favorite.
Kim Minji, Pham Ngoc Hân, Danielle Marsh, Kang Haerin, and Lee Hyein make up the K-Pop group NewJeans. The band made its debut on July 1st, 2022, so they have only been in the music business for a short while, but they have already released a number of singles and an EP since then.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. After defeating popular female idols, they’re already popular

2. These days, NewJeans is at the level that is placed next to boy groups

3. NewJeans did this because HYBE has a lot of fans in the US, and fans of HYBE male idols, but they pretend to be the #1 female idol group…

4. This song is less than a year old
They only do well on Spotify and are absent on other charts. It is said to be the first in K-pop

5. What? BLACKPINK is worse than I thought

6. From the beginning, BLACKPINK didn’t do well in the US

7. I’m so proud of them


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