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In An Interview With ‘Knowing Brothers,’ Dara Discusses Her Enormous Popularity In The Philippines.

Dara discussed her enormous popularity in the Philippines during an episode of “Knowing Brothers.”

In the episode of the show airing on October 22nd, Dara ranked boxer Manny Pacquiao first and her second among the most well-liked celebrities in the Philippines. I won’t need a passport when I get to the airport, she said.

Dara went on: “When going through security at the airport, they ask, “Sandara?” My entire staff is also granted access. Picking up your luggage takes time, and passersby will inquire as to your affiliation with Sandara’s team. When I arrive, the police are called to clear the area for me while they search for our luggage on our behalf.”

Watch the video above to see Dara on “Knowing Brothers”!

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