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[Instiz] “Mom Threw Away All My NewJeans Albums….” – Knetz React

After taking a lengthy sabbatical, I woke up to the New Jeans kids, so I purchased two Weverse versions, a limited edition bag, and blue book copies of Haerin, Minji, and Hani. I asked my mother, who replied that she had thrown it away when cleaning the house. How old are you, how do you spend money, and do you like kids? What should I accomplish as I write this? I’m so enraged and disturbed. What genre is that album?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They said they gave up on a healthier hobby than this

2. Spending money on 20-year-olds would be heartbreaking from a family point of view.

3. It is heartbreaking for my family to have this kind of thinking…

4. I’m 20 years older than Hyein, but my family doesn’t mind

5. Why are you so upset ㅠㅠ Even when I’m 35, I still want the New Jeans album???

6. It would be heartbreaking if my family knew that I was going to spend this kind of money.

7. Just because you’re 20 years older than the kids doesn’t mean other people are 20 years older.

8. I earn money so I spend it, so what does it matter ㅠ Take good care of yourself, Grandma

9. I sympathize with Tsuni, who works hard, and my mother sympathizes with me… sob

10. I’m 25 now and I bought all the New Jeans albums.. and I’m converted.


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