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Internet Users Compare Hong Eunchae Of LE SSERAFIM To Red Velvet’s Joy And Yeri.

Internet users discussed how Red Velvet’s Joy & Yeri and Hong Eunchae from LE SSERAFIM resemble each other.

“EUNCHAE SERIOUSLY FEELS LIKE A 50/50 MIX OF JOY AND YERI,” was the heading of a netizen’s post on an online community forum on October 12. The user also uploaded a picture of Hong Eunchae from LE SSERAFIM, who can be seen laughing loudly in one picture and looking more serious in another.

Netizens were taken aback by her striking likeness to the Red Velvet band members Joy and Yeri.

“I think I know what [the netizen] meas. Super pretty.”

“Her smile is so pretty.”

“Omg, I see Yeri for real. She is so pretty.”

“I think Eunchae looks so much better in real life, than through the camera.”

“She really is the perfect maknae. So cute. Loll.”

“She looks like Joy when she smiles, and looks like Yeri when she is just being still.”

“I get what you’re saying.”

“She kind of looks like Oh Yeon Seo too!”

“Wow, when she smiles she is so frickin’ pretty.”

“I like Eunchae the best.”

“I feel like Eunchae can be a member of NewJeans and would blend in easily. Of course, she matches LE SSERAFIM well too.”

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