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Internet Users Discuss Seulgi’s Solo Debut Album, “28 Reasons,” In Their Comments.

Netizens discussed Seulgi’s solo debut album, “28 Reasons,” which he released as a member of Red Velvet.

What do you think of Seulgi’s new song? was the title of a forum post created on October 4 KST by a netizen. A concept image from Seulgi’s most recent solo album, “28 Reasons,” was included in this post by the internet user, who stated, “For me personally, I think I like it. My personal style.

Others on the internet responded as follows:

The song is somewhat…unoriginal, but the teaser was original.

It fell short of my expectations. But the idea is original, so I’m eager to watch her fancam.

“It’s really bad,” I said, stating my own preferences.

I almost exclusively listen to girl group music, but this is not my style.

Does it make sense that it dropped off the charts in less than an hour and is still there?

Really, SM lost their sense of taste.

Different internet users made the following comments:

“I like it a lot.”

“I believe it to be really good. The chorus portion is excellent.

This fits my personal style.

I’m just waiting for her to appear on the music broadcast.

“I really enjoy this song. It’s special.

“I really enjoyed it! The off-road trails are also excellent.

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