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“Is She Serious?” No:ze Files A Lawsuit Against Her Agency For Unpaid Wages, Knetz React

A legal report from March 9 claims that No:ze sued Beginning House and her agency in December 2022 at the Seoul Central District Court. She also requested a provisional disposition so that the exclusive agreement with the agency would be suspended until the litigation was resolved.
“No:ze hasn’t gotten payment from the agency for several months since April of last year,” the spokeswoman for No:ze told Yonhap News.

“No:ze requested payment multiple times, but the management merely postponed it, and in August of last year, they outright refused to pay, stating they would recalculate and deposit money after discussing her activity,” the representative alleged.
After No:ze informed the agency that the contract was being terminated, they reimbursed her. In response, the agency claimed that the contract termination was unlawful since “No:ze was not paid on time for a reasonable reason.”

The company’s representative stated on March 8 during the hearing of the 50th Civil Settlement of the Seoul Central District Court, “The profit distribution ratio was not confirmed in the first half of last year. We were occupied attempting to resolve the social media debate when the profit distribution ratio was going to be decided.
“Because to the dispute, we were in a position where contracts may be terminated and we would have to pay significant penalties,” the agency stated. Once this problem was rectified, we sent her payment in full. It was challenging to understand the pressing necessity for No:ze to pick up operations, even though No:ze was primarily to blame for the contracts’ failures and errors.
The action is still being pursued by No:side, ze’s which asserts that the agency arbitrarily determined the sum and that the mutual trust has already been destroyed.

In the meantime, No:ze rose to fame after participating in the Mnet dance competition show “Street Woman Fighter” as the captain of Crew WayB.
Although No:ze was accused of accepting payment for advertising but failing to fulfill her promise to post the content on social media or of removing posts of products from small and medium-sized businesses just a few days after she had been paid for the advertising, this led to a controversy in July of last year.
“My immature attitude caused difficulties to the people concerned and disappointed the fans who cherish and love me,” No:ze said as he offered his regrets at the time. I will try my best to present a better version of myself through in-depth self-reflection even though I am aware that no amount of words can make up for my previous faults.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If she never got famous, she’d be out there scamming low-rate men

2. Her career’s over… She was once the blue chip of the industry for being the most popular contestant on ‘Street Woman Fighter’ but it only took a moment for her to taint her image…

3. Is she serious…

4. She’s an example of a case who flopped despite having talent and beauty because she still lacked character despite it all. You can’t just ignore the public’s judgment of your character.

5. Well, now that her career’s over… she better get her tambourines ready.

6. Character will always be more important than your skills

7. Just take a long break

8. Noze’s largely to blame for her SNS controversy The fact that her lawsuit was already dismissed once in court but she is still going through with it… Come on, enough’s enough. Her company already said that they paid her in full after they dealt with her messes with the canceled CF contracts and damage compensations.

9. Physiognomy is what?

10. This is what happens when your fame is not paralle with your actual skills…


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