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“Is YG The Culprit?”, The Face Of V Jennie’s Hacker Revealed Today, Knetz React

Knetizens are discussing about the report about V Jennie’s Hacker about their dating rumors….


The hacker suddenly uploaded a picture of the Blackpink index around 9 am. It looks like it was taken at a Dior fashion show in Paris yesterday.
A rough translation would say,
“Jisoo knows the truth and has nothing to do with V.
But Jisoo can tell the truth. If Jisoo sees this message, he will post this unpublished photo on Instagram and tell that V and Jenny are playing. I’m going to send a signal.” And just 8 hours later, Jisoo posted this picture on Instagram.
What is the identity of the hacker???

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They leaked what they sent to the company for posting photos of employees.

2. Is YG the culprit?

3. Then yg, there is someone who hit Jenny in the back of the head…

4. No, what’s wrong with BLACKPINK and BTS V.. Especially, Jennie’s private life was stolen from her unwillingly… Oh, I hope you catch that hacker..

5. It seems that the group chat room has been robbed

6. Hive employees are here? Someone please explain. If Gourmi is a YG insider, why is he committing suicide by himself? The fact that they didn’t respond to the dating rumors is the same as Hive.

7. If Gourmi is YG-related, then Gourmi is a YG-related person and I didn’t post that post to get YG suspicious

8. Gourmi is a YG employee or a third party who communicates with YG staff, and in this picture, Gourmi is blatantly claiming that she is related to YG? Haha. If YG is cheating, people will doubtfully lean towards Hive. Or did the gourmi get the hang of it again?

9. No, if it’s like this, it’s not about how people react to Jenny or other members, it’s scary and creepy, but that’s just someone who has all Jisoo’s photos

10. BLACKPINK’s influence is great for each person, so it’s like discussing and posting a meme, but there seems to be a group chat room for employees including the members, and it can be hacked or leaked.


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