‘Isn’t It Difficult To Quantify This?’ Which Actor/Actress Has The Biggest Domestic Fandom? Knetz Confused

Seems they are all doing well ..

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Lee Min Ho..? Kim Soohyun..? Song Joong-Gi.

2. Isn’t it difficult to quantify this?

3. Lee Joon-gi has a large fandom

4. Was it Lee Min-ho’s 2013 Hups Acting Awards? It’s been a while, but I think he was a firepower legend at that time.

5. The real Jo Seung-woo is harder than most popular idol-cons… I didn’t even catch it until the end of the musical…

6. Song Joong-ki, Lee Jong-suk, Song Kang..?

7. Cho Seung-woo.. Anyone who has pre-ordered a musical will know… It was harder to pre-order than my singer Bonjin.

8. But Cho Seung-woo also has people who like him only as a musician and as an actor, isn’t there people like this? The
older sister I know buys all the George curls and tries to watch them all

9. Lee Min-ho-ya, Korea is also domestic, but the overseas fandom has gone,
so the domestic fandom is also big?

10. Actor Jo Seung-woo, Park Bo-gum, Lee Jong-suk..? Lee Min-ho has a lot of overseas fandom, and the domestic actress is Kim Tae-ri?


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