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“Isn’t The Black Ribbon Used For Dead People?” NEWJEANS’ Cake Got Knetizens Suspicious

Knetz are suspicious of NewJeans cake designed with black ribbon, thinking it has something to do with Itaewon disaster

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Do you believe in flat earth theory?

2. This is weird, I feel it too, you’re not the only one

3. The black ribbon is a bit weird… I’m not saying it has anything to do with the Itaewon disaster, but that in itself is weird; Even with the same black and white cake, it can be beautified without feeling weird, so why does it look like that?

4. Are you mentally ill?

5. Itaewon disaster happened at 10 pm. Did New Jeans cut the cake and eat it at 6pm??

6. But it’s a bit creepy. What kind of black ribbon on the cake..? The shape of the cake is also tubular

7. This is strange, I felt it too, you’re not the only one
8. It’s a cookie chair.
9. Isn’t the black ribbon used for dead people?

10. The whipped cream is also weird.


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