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It Is Said That There Are Only 4 Songs That Debuted At Number 1 On Melon

Knetizens are discussing about the only 4 Songs that debuted at number 1 on Melon… Below are the 4 Songs debuted:

2NE1 Fire

Miss A bad girl good girl

Blackpink whistle

New Jeans Attention

Knetizens Reactions:

1. IKON’s taste sniper wasn’t number 1???

2. No.. It’s different, because it felt great (of course, even if it wasn’t number one, the debut song rankings came out really well!!)

3. It’s different, it’s not number one..

4. There are two Teddy songs among them.. What is Teddy really?

5. It’s empty, taste-sniping Energetic also took first place

6. Wow, it’s just a group of four female idols that I thought alone had the most impact on the debut song.

7. Hey, there’s no difference. Even if I’m the best out there..

8. Wasn’t it the 1st place in Wanna One? I kept it for a long time.

9. All male idols are groups who made their faces known as Seoba.

10. I was going to talk about WINNER’s icon, but is it only female idols?


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