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‘It Look Dangerous’ The Level Of The Road That 100,000 People Will Walk Together After The BTS Concert In Busan, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting to the level of the road that 100,000 people will walk together after the BTS concert in Busan. The road look very dangerous and they are really worried.

100,000 people are expected to walk through here at 9pm

100,000 bridges to cross

Even the concert site has a pool like that

Knetizens Reactions:

1. That looks like a strategic terrain to guide the 100,000 troops down a narrow road and destroy them…

2. No, why leave the stadium and do it in that strange vacant lot??

3. It’s not even 50,000 people.. Hehe, I’m really embarrassed to live in Busan.

4. How many times have I told you that there will be casualties, you crazy people

5. There must be a reason for insisting on a place.

6. No, the road is too dark at night ㅠㅠ And what is that puddle… It never looks like a concert venue

7. I’m seriously worried that a big accident will happen, but do I really have to force it???? No, for whom?

8. I’m really worried… it looks dangerous

9. Oh really, don’t go… You have to live to do good things..

10. It seems like it will take half a day to get out of the theater, you crazy people ㅡㅡ


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