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“It Looks Like She Doesn’t Have Any Talent” Knetizens Criticise Jisoo’s Performance In Pink Venom

Knetz are roosting Blackpink Jisoo’s talent, saying she is in that group for nothing, she lacks singing and dancing skills..


But definitely looking at the group photo, it looks like she doesn’t have any talent. The other members are so good compared to Jisoo, so there seems to be a part of it that feels that way.

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Knetizens Reactions:

1. She lacks singing and dancing skills compared to other members, but she has the prettiest face

2. Jisoo can just be there ^^ Jisoo’s position is Jisoo ^^ And her tone is pretty

3. Her voice and dance skills are not good, her face is pretty, but she doesn’t close her eyes; It just feels like an ordinary goddess, something is clumsy and…

4. I think Jisoo is essential for BLACKPINK. The rest of the members have a strong personality, so they feel neutralized because they have one Asian beauty. Without Jisoo, they wouldn’t be like a Korean girl group. I need that kind of feeling. Her voice is a bit neutral, but Jisoo is good at live performances and covers dances with effort. I think she is the most grown character.

5. Even within Blackpink, the top member who performed the best in live is Jisoo ㅋㅋ This is also true for the members of BLACKPINK, and if you look at the encore without MR, you can see that Jisoo is live.

6. Jenny, Rosé, Lisa, she is good at performing on stage, so it looks relatively like that, but there are so many talented and pretty girls, the officials must have chosen Jisoo for nothing.

7. I’ve seen BLACKPINK in real life, but I don’t think Jisoo’s face is the prettiest in real life. Lisa is prettier in real life. It was the end of the year stage, so there were things like that. Your acting skills are rough. Jisoo is lucky to be a member of Blackpink.

8. BTS Jin and Cha Eun-woo are more talented, isn’t it irrefutable? Live for one person, raise the visuals of blackpink, and attract 80% of male-choice fandom. Jisoo is not a leader, but she is also a leader as an actual leader. Those who are rude to Jisoo while sucking on it hahahahahahaha

9. Kim Jisoo’s face is already caught haha.. Idols have a competitive appearance, and Jisoo’s dancing and singing are for one person, but the other members do more than one person, so it seems lacking.

10. Aside from the talent, the voice and singing method are not my taste, so I want to listen to the version without the Jisoo part.


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