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“It’s A Cultural Difference” Bizarre Rules For Girl Group In Saudi Arabia, Knetz React

Women are not allowed to expose their skin, so they had to wear long sleeves and long pants during their performance and Knetizens are reacting to it

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s a very conservative country

2. It’s wrong that these rules are strict only for women. I thought we were living 500 years ago

3. When it comes to gender-specific rules, is going to the army also strange?

4. It’s not strange, it’s a cultural difference

5. Isn’t the fact that these regulations are gender-specific strange?

6. Since when did the gender discrimination become their culture?

7. Since when did sexism become a culture?

8. Protests taking place in Iran to take off the hijab

9. That’s where women’s rights are higher than in Korea

10. I can’t admit that oppression and persecution are culture, I hate people who wear hijabs and chadors in Korea Don’t deprive others of their freedom in the name of culture


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