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“It’s A Levitation Zone”, Knetz Wonder Why Jisoo Is Like This Today?

Knetizens are talking about Jisoo happy behaviour with Jennie, some even think she is purposely drawing attention to her because of Jennie… She is just excited


Fan: Jennie-noona, how much can you look forward to this regular season?
JENNIE: Whistle and wiggle (a lot~ a lot~)

Jenny wants a regular regular so you have a lot of anticipation
tomorrow at 1pm BLACKPINK shut down a lot

Knetizens Reactions:

1. But today, Jennie’s tension is low and she looks uneasy, so that why Jisoo keeps popping it up, she’s really sweet… That’s why I like Jisoo.

2. It’s also cute that Jennie, being timid and running with Jisoo, is cute.

3. Hull Jisoo posted it on Instagram.. It’s a fan’s sanctity really hahahaha

4. Huh, it’s a levitation zone.

5. Jisoo’s personality is so good, I really want to be friends with her

6. Jenny’s timid point…

7. She’s completely blocking reporters who are drawn to Jenny. She’s really nice to divert attention.

8. She’s excited from the start haha

9. What’s your jumping ability haha

10. So cute, why are you so excited hahahahahahahaha


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