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“It’s A Sound Accident” Knetz React To LE SSERAFIM’s Live Performance

Knetizens are reacting to Le Seraphim’s live performance, saying it is the first time their footsteps match.


In the midst of a rookie, Kim Chae-won and Kazuha are doing very well…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s a sound accident right ㅇㅇ Doesn’t the title mean that it didn’t work? The sound transmission was wrong, so only the Le Seraphim stage came out like this that day. Even if it’s a live, it’s not okay to make all the breathing sounds like that

2. Where did you see the accident? they are good at it… but I can feel the sense of presence

3. This is the first time the footsteps match, it’s a pleasure

4. Wow good job I like this live feeling

5. It seems that the vocal range of the song itself doesn’t match ㅠ It seems like you’ve had a hard time singing a low song is a real problem, so it’s more difficult than a high song I think the kids do well?

6. At this time, I watched the MV in real time, and only Le Seraphim heard breathing and the live sound very loud, so I was really embarrassed.

7. Wow, the live is really good.

8. Wow, it’s refreshing to hear all the breathing, but I’m holding my breath together hahahaha

9. Kim Chae-won and Heo Yun-jin are definitely good on stage

10. You’re doing great, I can’t breathe


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