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“It’s a Weird Feeling” [ BBC Breaking News] Queen Elizabeth II Dies, Knetz Mourns

Knetizens are feeling weird for the death of the 70 years UK’s monarch Queen Elizabeth II, Rip.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. May you sleep in a good place…

2. Even with that death, there were many deaths, so I think about it a lot. The world situation must be complicated

3. Since Queen Elizabeth is a person who is respected by the British, it is said that the royal family is maintained, but I am interested in what will happen when Charles becomes king.

4. May the souls of the deceased refrain

5. It’s hard to see Britain doing something different from the Queen of England~ Who helped them live with the pride of being the most fundamental country in the world despite countless bad things? Can it be seen that the now deceased queen is not involved… Her death is said to be fair, but I don’t know if it is fair. The tragic deaths caused by colonial rule cannot be counted or remembered.

6. Since you lived a comfortable life, pay back the bullshit that the British committed in the afterlife.

7. It’s a really weird feeling..

8. Charles finally… became king at the age of over seventy. I thought that if the queen lived too long, Charles would not be able to rise to the ranks and passed right over to Williams

9. I hope that the people of the colonial victim countries will go to the next world and get it back🙏

10. It feels like an adult in the world is dead


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