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“It’s Awkward”, BLACKPINK Jennie Is Hera Model, Knetizens React

Knetz are discussing why it is awkward when Blackpink Jennie is Hera Model….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Really, that ad was so alluring, luxurious, and pretty.

2. If you think about it, Hera is very good at choosing real models…

3. I think I really liked it because of Jenny

4. That’s right, the image of Hera to me is Hyesang Lee. Hera goddess

5. Hera model is an actor image, but it feels like they are playing separately because they are idols

6. Thanks to Jennie, in my mother’s cosmetics, the brand’s reputation was a godsend, and sales were also record high.

7. But even if everyone said that the image looks good now, the sales were smashed at that time, so the model was replaced …

8. After Jennie became a model for Hera, Hera’s image became youthful, and sales increased greatly. For me, now Hera = Jennie

9. This is the first time I know that Jennie is the model for Hera

10. Hera’s name is engraved with Lee Hye Sang, and the model’s name is cool too


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