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‘It’s Creepy And Scary’, BLACKPINK Phones Are All Getting Hacked, Knetz Worried

Knetizens are feeling concern how Blackpink members photos are been leaked out, seems their phones have been hacked…

Jennie and V’s video call photo

Lisa and Jisoo’s selfie

Jennie and Rosé’s selfie not even a few days ago in New York

The cat who is living in Jennie and her mom’s main house with V

Jisoo and Lisa’s selfie at the airport 2 days ago

People are saying that both Lisa and Jennie are being hacked

Knetizens Reactions:

1. All Blackpink phones don’t seem to be safe, so I guess I’ll have to vacate it or strengthen iCloud security a bit.

2. But it’s so scary to see photos leaked… .. Did the hacker know that he is committing a crime… .

3. Blackpink phone is being stolen..

4. V♡Jenny Was this real? Oh my gosh.. it wasn’t synthetic, it was real

5. Maybe the police are investigating, and they are being pushed for money to take a hacker dive, but I hope they get caught soon.

6. It’s creepy and scary

7. Rather than hacking, it feels like an acquaintance took a picture on their cell phone…

8. It’s synthetic, guys….don’t believe that picture

9. Jenny had fun in New York after seeing the leaked photos.

10. iPhone hacking looks good


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