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“It’s Delicious” Knetz Discuss About SEVENTEEN Hoshi, Dk & Dino’s Skills In ‘Rush Hour’ Challenge

Knetizens are praising Seventeen Hoshi, Dk, Dino dancing skills after watching the rush hour challenge….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Hoshi dances really well

2. It’s delicious

3. Wow, everyone stands up once in a while taking turns going around the center, but they all catch my eye

4. I’m excited to hear this song for the first time

5. Hoshi really catches my eye

6. Wow hahaha I liked this song itself, so I watched all the challenges, but Hoshi seems to have saved it the best.

7. Hoshi is really special, great

8. Hoshi is the one in the middle right? He dances so well

9. As expected, Seventeen is good at dancing

10. I love this song, so I watched all the challenges, but Hoshi seems to do it the best


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