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“It’s Disappointing” Knetz Discuss BLACKPINK Jennie And Rosé’s Choreography Mistakes

“Jennie and Rose are always making mistakes too… Blackpink’s choreographer was at fault”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. No, is it because of their lack of practice in the choreography?

2. I want you to work hard on your main job instead of making friends with celebrities.

3. If they made a comeback after 2 years and even had a concert, shouldn’t they at least be familiar with the choreography?

4. This concert was really impressive, isn’t it too cheesy to ask about the choreography with a short video?

5. This BLACKPINK concert was so good, why do you criticize them for making something like this? It’s too much without even going to the concert

6. To be honest, it’s not a stage worth paying for and going to a concert.

7. If you perform like that abroad, it’s a real shame for the country.

8. During the concert, all the fans were satisfied, but only the non-fans were wrong with the slow motion, so they got ripped off

9. I’m a fan but it’s disappointing

10. And BLACKPINK has already surpassed BTS, and it’s been a long walk around the world


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