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“It’s Golden” Knetz Discuss A Woman In Her 50s That Makes Princess Gown By Herself

A woman in her 50s makes princess gown for herself because she likes princess dresses and did not see the one that fit her body structure

A woman in her mid-50s living in Shanghai, China, is famous for adorning her body with colorful accessories and coming out into the streets wearing a dress with a lace-up point. As women’s fashion became a hot topic, she was nicknamed ‘Princess Anpu Road’ on SNS, and it came to dominate the attention of many people.
However, her netizens, who mocked her, pointing out that her short hair and her princess dress did not suit her, had no choice but to keep her mouth shut after learning about her twisted story.
In fact, the woman was seriously ill, her hair was not growing well, and her appearance was deformed due to the effects of drugs. She felt the futility of her life at the thought that she might soon die, and she made the woman want to live the life she had always dreamed of since her childhood.
However, because of her weight, she was too big to find a princess dress that fit her body, so she started designing and making her own clothes.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Awesome gold hand…. You can launch a brand…. Really pretty clothes

2. You are very good with your hands. I want to ask you to make my own clothes too

3. Wow, you are absolutely golden.

4. Even if it’s hard for people’s clothes, if you do a doll clothes business, you’ll hit a jackpot.

5. Wow, I also like that style hahaha You make really good clothes, I think you can sell them, I think you’re really good at matching colors and lace patterns

6. I really hate princess-style clothes like that, but I want to try it on

7. Surprised by the quality of clothes, do business

8. Wow, it’s pretty even if you make it into doll clothes. Try a business.

9. Wow, the quality of the clothes is great

10. I’ll never wear it out, but I want to have it


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