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“It’s Indeed Cringe” Knetizens React To NMIXX Haewon Facial Expression On The Stage

Knetizens criticized Haewon for her fake smiles on the stage….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Looks like NMIXX is getting bigger these days, look at how they’re getting hate posts

2. Don’t know but when watching their fancams, her head size is twice as big even though she’s behind the other members…

3. It’s indeed cringe

4. To be honest, idols all must be aware these days. They all know how to behave to get more views on YouTube or go viral on Twitter

5. Since she works for money, she has to smile, right?

6. It’s true that it’s a little squeaky, but it’s not to the point that it’s frowned upon, and it’s okay if you write like this on purpose and live sarcasticly..? What crime did she commit?

7. Can’t everyone tell the difference between a real laugh and a time when you do that on purpose?

8. It’s a forced eyebrow


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