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“Its Interesting And Fun”, Knetizens React To NCT Taeyong’s Dancing Skills

Knetizens are praising NCT Taeyong dancing skills… He dances so well.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You dance well, each one has a different feeling, so it’s fun to watch.

2. Wow, the dance is unique

3. You dance really well… It’s neat and cool heh

4. I can only see it from Taeyong, but the style is different, but it’s so good that it comes up in every beat.

5. It looks like water is flowing. It’s like a dancing dementor lol

6. Seriously, you’re the best I’ve ever seen

7. NCT seems to dance well in their own style, so it’s interesting and fun

8. It suits the song very well, but I dance with my own style or well-thought-out choreography. It’s not like this, I think it’s freely interpreted and expressed well. The song feels short, the arms and legs are long, the movements are big and cool. I enjoyed the main choreography before, but the width is wide It doesn’t cover genres as if it’s wide, but it’s all good

9. Taeyong did a good job keeping his feelings alive

10. The body looks really light, it just flies.


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