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“Is It Jungkook?” Knetz Recognise Behind-the-scenes Gif Of Jungkook At IU’s Concert

Knetizens are reacting to Jungkook’s Gif Behind-the-scenes At IU’s Concert…..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’m so jealous when the people next to him recognize him

2. But was he with the guy in the black suit? Manager?

3. Anyone can see it’s Jungkook

4. That clothes tell me it’s Jeon Jungkook, He’s so cute

5. Even if you don’t tell me, anyone can see it’s Jungkook

6. I can feel the aura from behind.. Celebrities are different…. But he really looks like a bunny that’s running

7. Why is he so cute?

8. But where did you get that gif?

9. He’s so cute.. And it’s funny how the people next to him were surprised

10. Is it the slogan in his hand??


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