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“It’s Just The Beginning” Someone Said That BLACKPINK Are Disbanding, Knetz React

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I guess that’s what you want

2. Jisoo will turn 29 next year… Looks like the members will become actresses or solo artists…

3. What!! Will the disbanded group go to the festival next July?

4. Do you think your family will disband first?

5. Is it BLACKPINK who has no will as singers or is it your group whose members can’t even sing lines in their own parts?

6. I bet that you’re trying to give comfort to your group by thinking that BLACKPINK is disbanding…

7. Blackpink fans came by taking real coordinates I saw with my own eyes

8. It is true that there is a trickle down, but the fact that posts like this keep coming up, do you expect the related careers to be focused on which group if Blackpink disbands? I think it’s just falling water and turning into powder… lol
9. This is the reality, but if it is disbanded, K-Pop will be at a standstill, and other agencies will have to see it as opposed to it.

10. It’s just the beginning, what are you dismantling?


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