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Its Lee Hyori & GD” Who Is The Most Successful Idol? Knetizens Curious

Knetz are discussing about who the most successful idol is among the kpop idols


Who do you think is the most successful idol member?

I was curious when I saw the post about genius idol on Pann, so who is the most successful idol member?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Looks like GD Lee Hyori

2. I succeeded just by looking at the success of GD, but I don’t think there is an idol more recognized as an artist than GD.

3. GD and Hyori Lee are legends, so the comparison is crazy.

4. To be honest, I just think of G.D

5. Anyway, it’s BTS and BLACKPINK. No matter how successful you are in Korea, those two groups are successful globally

6. GD, Taeyeon

7. If you look at the number of hit songs, it’s GD. He’s successful in music, but he’s also successful in the fashion world

8. GD and Lee Hyori. If you add Taeyeon, Suzy and Yoona should be there too

9. GD and Lee Hyori

10. If it’s a member, then, Suzy? If it’s a group, it’s BTS


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