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It’s Like A Magic Thriller’ Chapter 1 & 2 Of SHINee The 2nd Album (GASOLINE), Knetz React

Knetizens are discussing about Gasoline, chapter 1& 2 2nd album by Shinee…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If this was a movie or a Netflix trailer, I would have gone to see it right away. If it’s this scale, shouldn’t I have to make something into a feature film?

2. The captured long haired one is cute and the forehead is sexy.

3. It’s crazy.. I like it so much I’m dizzy

4. It’s like a real American 80’s movie, I’m tirfeelsed of the quality

5. Jinyoung is crazy

6. The quality is crazy.. I was expecting the MV to be different

7. The concept is crazy awesome

8. The concept is fresh, it’s like an 80’s American movie

9. If it’s Chapter One, isn’t this the end? I wonder

10. It feels like a magic thriller.


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