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“Its Like A Whistle” Knetz React To BLACKPINK Full Album Title ‘SHUT DOWN’ Jennie Teaser Poster

BLACKPINK 2nd Album Title ‘Shut Down’ Jenny Teaser Poster

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Its Jennie

2. Jenny is so pretty, I’m suddenly looking forward to it like a dog

3. I’m also looking forward to the teaser for Lisa Rosé.. Come quickly

4. It’s like a whistle

5. I’m really looking forward to the song.

6. What’s wrong with your back

7. This time, there is no moving teaser, just a meeol teaser. I’m very curious
what kind of song it will be.

8. I like the outfit

9. The waist is crazy

10. Previously, Calvin Klein was orange Jennie, but now she is Jennie with black hair.


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