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“Its Like A Youth Movie”, Knetz React To IZ*ONE Ahn Yu-jin’s Music Video

Knetizens are reacting to Ahn Yu-jin music video filmed 1 month after entering Starship

Soyou-Baekhyun’s Rain and Music Video

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Rain and Eugene is a true legend

2. Wow, what kind of material is this?

3. A child like that filmed an audition video and applied for Starship…

4. This hair suits you better

5. She’s such a baby, she’s so pretty and cute

6. She’s a pretty actress, but she doesn’t want to act

7. Ahn Yu-jin Let’s act someday… Let’s make a movie

8. The Japchae, the natural beauty..

9. It’s clear and puffy

10. It like a youth movie.


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