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“Its Monotonous, So it’s Weak And Boring” BLACKPINK’s Shut Down Live Stage Performance At Jimmy Kimmel, Knetz React

Knetizens feel Blackpink live performance at Jimmy Kimmel stage is poor. They seems not to like the lighting and choreography is also weak…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jenny looks a little weak.

2. No, could you please turn on the light? ㅠㅠ Why is the lighting so dark?

3. is Jenny not in a good condition?

4. Because the dance is simple, you have to work hard like a puppet video to look great, but it doesn’t look cool because all the energy is gone..

5. You seem to be good at live, so why are you singing like this… On the other side of the stage, it’s like the stage at the awards ceremony, so it feels more crazy and the sound is too loud

6. The choreography seems to be too weak… It’s monotonous, so it’s a little boring

7. Rosé is always very good on stage.

8. I can’t hear any live sound because my voice is buried in the sound behind me, the lighting is too dark

9. BLACKPINK also just feels like their songs and performances are becoming more and more similar, so it seems like there is nothing to do with it.

10. But the outfit is a little disappointing.. of course it’s pretty.. i want to see a completely different outfit because it’s the same style you have shown us before


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