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“It’s Not Annoying” Knetizens Discuss About BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Voice

Knetz is discussing about Jisoo’s voice among the members, many said her voice is bad and some said she is not that bad…..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Immersion is broken.. The tone is really unique, but it’s not special in the good way..

2. Jisoo’s voice, I feel frustrated at the sound of Ko Maeng.. I don’t feel like she’s singing well and I don’t want to hear it

3. I don’t like Jisoo’s voice too, but there are some songs that go well with Jisoo’s voice.

4. I admit that she pretty, but she don’t have any talent in Blackpink.

5. Not because of the voice, but because of the short pronunciation of the tongue?

6. I also hate Jisoo’s voice only because of her voice, so I hate it… When only Jisoo’s part comes out, it feels like everything is broken.

7. To be honest, Lisa’s vocals aren’t that great either, but Lisa’s dancing and rapping are so good

8. I really like Jisoo’s singing voice, so I thought it was a divided voice, but there are overwhelmingly many dislikes…

9. Jisoo is really good, pretty, cute, and honestly, she works hard, but her only voice is Bad.

10. It’s not annoying


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