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“It’s Not Korean Style” BLACKPINK With Korea Style Outfits At The Concert, Knetz Discuss

BLACKPINK’s Korean-style outfits are so cool, it’s even better because there aren’t any Chinese members





Knetizens Reactions:

1. BLACKPINK seems to be really good at constantly trying things like that

2. Wow Kim Jisoo is seriously pretty

3. Jennie’s outfit is so pretty

4. It’s lucky that there are no Chinese in BLACKPINK

5. It’s good that BLACKPINK doesn’t have any Japanese members

6. Those outfits are seriously pretty, even the dancers’ outfits are combined with Korean style

7. It’s pretty, but personally, the color of Jisoo’s pants is black.. The top and bottom are red, so it’s a bit annoying, isn’t it? Jisoo’s face is of course perfect

8. It’s not Korean style, it’s oriental style

9. Only Jisoo’s clothes are ugly

10. It’s not like Koreans, it’s Asian-style This is what Japanese people are good at.


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