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“Its So Trendy” BLACKPINK Ranks #1 In Number Of Listeners During Melon Chart Entry 2022

Knetizens are praising Blackpink success in number of listeners during Melon Chart entry this year as they rank number one on the chart.

number of listeners in 2022 Melon chart entry”

1. BlackPink – Pink Venom

2. BTS – Yet To Come

3. NCT DREAM – Glitch Mode

4. Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm

5. Im Youngwoong – If We Ever Meet Again

6. NCT DREAM – Beatbox

7. PSY – That That

8. BTS – Born Singer

9. Taeyeon – INVU

10. SNSD – Forever 1

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Awesome, higher than bulletproof

2. It’s hard to get 1st and 2nd place The chart itself isn’t that tough.

3. The song itself is so sweet

4. BLACKPINK BTS’ 1st place top rank is different for the 1 o’clock release

5. Long live BLACKPINK!!!!!

6. A life full of enthusiasm.. Fighting!!

7. It seems like everyone has been waiting for so long, so release an album more often.

8. The only thing I can say is that it’s really crazy to be number one in the number of entries even though it’s 1 o’clock… At 6 o’clock, I’d have shot 70,000 or 80,000.

9. However, if the overall number of users is small, the ranking is good, and if the number of users is large, the ranking is less.

10. I like the song, it’s so trendy..


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